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by E4Aaron 

“Sky Tower Stickers, Patreon, & 5 days to release”

  What it says on the tin. We're 5 days from the public release of the comic, and -2 days from release for my Patrons. If Patreon is your thing, I am releasing pages a week early, and releasing things like thumbnails, references, scripts and behind-the-scenes chatter for the comic. If not, don't worry: the pages and references will be public for everyone over time anyways. Check it out here!

   When it comes to stickers and prints, this design is the first I've finished and released in anticipation of the comic dropping! I like to make these designs for myself just because I can, but they are available for everyone to get ahold of if you like them. I sell through Redbubble, and the quality of the sleeveless shirt and sticker I got for this design turned out pretty great, and I'll have them for a looooong time. There are a few more options through this seller, such as notebooks, socks, and water bottles.

   If you'd like this design on an item, but the shipping is too high for where you are, send me a message and we can negotiate the price to be able to put the design on a few items at a manufacturer of your choosing. You will need to find your own manufacturer, however, so please keep that in mind.

I've prepared a few pieces of art to count down the last few days to release! I hope you'll look forward to them in the coming days!
 🌠 Aaron

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